Dear voter,

Welcome to our grassroots citizen website. It is organized to explain why you should VOTE NO on the rain tax this November.

Our Flier  gives 10 main reasons in a headline format to VOTE NO. You can download it and print copies for everyone you meet until November. It is laid out to be a half-sheet printed on two sides.

Our Letter to Local Voters  adds details, useful information, and other points.

The Proclamation  from Mayor Steve Bach lists some of his reasons for opposing this thoughtless tax. Part of a letter from the mayor of Monument explains his objections to this unfair tax.

The City website also has a list of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) with answers provided by Mayor Bach. Read it here. Those answers cite specific sections of the rain tax agreement and prove the tax pushers' political campaign is lying to get your vote.

Our website provides news articles, essays, letters to the editor, and sections of radio & TV articles. Don't just listen to special interests; get the truth!

Local politicians say we must submit to federal EPA rules about rain runoff and (pay a tax to) correct it. Federal courts have ruled EPA has no such power because rain is not a pollutant (DUH!) The EPA chose not to appeal that ruling; see the article (click here.) So the local excuse for demanding this tax is as phony as the tax itself!

We need your help. When you are convinced and ready to help, please click the “Volunteer” button so we may give you fliers to distribute at busy store exits for four hours or more. This is the heart of our one-to- one campaign.

Politicians and developers demanding this $40 million yearly tax want US to pay for the drainage problems THEY create. That's why the tax pushers brag they will spend $500,000+ to buy the election. Will you submit to their scare tactics? Will you cave to their bullying?

Total cost to an average family of four is $265 yearly, and forever. Protect your family budget; just say “no.” Tell them to cut the waste.