Dear voter,

Welcome to our grassroots citizen website. It is organized to explain why you should VOTE NO on the rain tax this November.

Instead of the shorter Flier version, you can read each essay on the four major ballot issues. Click here to get the Essays link.

Local governments are always probing what they can get from your wallet. These four issues are a major attack on your money. Whatever money limits were created before, they now want to repeal. Don't let them do it. Read the four Essays. Then print out the two-sided Flier here and distribute it to friends and neighbors.

If you will help at least four hours with mass distribution, send an email here and we will contact you with a stack of fliers to distribute quickly at busy store exit doors. We are all volunteers so don't expect any radio, TV, or postal mailers. We have no money to fight the special interests who will benefit from collecting these millions of dollars of your tax money. Our only resource is volunteer flier work. Please help.

Thank you.