78 Tax Rates!

The tax pushers say each homeowner will pay a fixed rate of $7.70 per month. That false statement was quoted in the 9/15/14 Gazette editorial. You can see from the official county chart here that is not true. There are "78 rates " so far, and they don't even list residential multi-units. You don't know what rate this new bureaucracy will pick for your home, your rental, your business. They want you to vote for it blindly! Their message is, "Trust us; we're from the government."

They also downplay the yearly cost on your yearly property TAX bill. They want to make the cost sound small. Don't be fooled.

They also ignore the cost on business property, churches, other governments (but not city or county roads which they exempt). Those costs will be passed on to you in higher prices, higher rents, or reduced services. The true cost for an average family of four is $265, based on a $40 million tax paid by 600,000 people ($67 per person) times four people in an average family. Vote NO.


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