2A Article

Dear Indy,

Thanks for finally printing both opposition websites to 2A in today's issue.

These aspects of 2A have not been covered or are unclear:

1. How is the $360 per acre yearly charge applied to a storefront that may be on 0.09 acres? What about a 10' X 10' office on the tenth floor of an office building?

2. You said renters would pay the $60 yearly "fee." That's news to me. What if they don't have any utility bill? What if they are renting a studio on the third floor? You said the charge is on the "water bill." I live in a HOA and don't have a water bill. Where did you find "water bill" in the ballot title? Is 2A now a utility tax rather than a property tax? If it's on a water bill, is it the same for a single family house as it is for a 40-unit apartment building with one water meter?

3. Suthers now says the City will pay $100,000 of the fee. How is that computed? Since the City owns the streets and sidewalks, and they are non-residential, are they included? If not, why not? Aren't they "impervious surfaces" that flow downstream?

4. Isn't it relevant that three members of the City Council, all on the Council's Finance Committee, oppose 2A? Shouldn't their opposition be reported?

Helen Collins,