2A Debate

At the 2A debate last night, Mayor Suthers said, "We have low taxes in the city." We know that is false. Our city has the highest combined sales tax rate of any big city in Colorado--higher than Denver, Boulder, Aurora, etc. Look at your sales receipt--it's 8.25%. In the '90s, it used to be 5.9%.

He is in a race to raise taxes and grow government. Children asking to do something dangerous or stupid tell their parents, "But Mom, everyone's doing it." Bad argument.

Voters reject blank checks like 2A. It sounds specific but not one added dollar will go for actual drainage work. It all goes for unknown salaries, pensions, and perks for city staff, not drainage. It's worse than a bait-and-switch, it's ballot fraud.

He said this $17 million rain tax repays the $460 million illegal debt in 2016 without voter approval. To whose benefit? Pueblo County. No way. The federal EPA is now withdrawing from its interference with local issues where it has no jurisdiction. The mayor wants to pass 2A beforethat occurs, and he loses his excuse.

He said we can't clear overgrown drainage channels. Total City spending is over $500 million. With a city population of 450,000, that's over $1,100 for every man, woman, and child--$4,400 for an average family of four. He says that's not enough.

City general fund spending without 2A will increase over $16.7 million next year, nearly three times the increase this year. He says that's not enough.

He says we need more police, but none of that increase is to hire police--only staff.

He mentioned a big sewage break in 1999. Rain water and sewage are different, sir.

Go to NoRainTax.net for more information. You will see why the mayor refuses to debate me. 2A is 2much.

Douglas Bruce
Colorado Springs CO