Bad financing

1B is a horrible approach to paying for city operations.

Proponents always point to the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority as the template for the stormwater enterprise. What is neglected is the difference in funding mechanisms.

The PPRTA is funded by sales tax. The proposed Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority is said to be funded by a fee, a "fee" that is not optional nor limited by anything under one's personal control or disposable income and is completely indistinguishable from a tax in all but its sales-weaselesque attempt to deceive voters who are less able or not inclined to study election issues.

As a tax that will be assessed and billed via their property tax demands, voters ought to consider one of the potential unintended consequences. This additional tax will leech away future support for education. Tax payers will look at their tax bill and be really shy about approving additional taxes.

....The storm water task force was never intended to employ science. The entire purpose of instituting and perpetuating the task force was to provide political cover to gutless county and city politicians who were (and are) unable to make difficult decisions.

This provides them with the fig leaf of cover that it creates a tax, but they can claim they have not raised taxes. They can claim that a "citizens' committee" studied the problem and recommended a fee. If 1B passes, these same gutless politicians will simply convert current taxes that are collected for stormwater mitigation to other uses.

     Donn Cairns