Ballot Title

What follows the ballot title is a wish list of 100+ areas of possible drainage work. The list is long because it is not a true agenda, but merely an inducement for everyone to vote for this $40 million yearly tax in the hopes that some pet project will actually be fixed (in the next 20 years). There is no priority order in their jumble, no maximum price tags, no completion dates. Any or all items can be removed from the list right after the election!

Their ballot title is ADVISORY only, not binding. They can impose the tax even if we vote "NO." If we foolishly vote for their phony "$7.70 per month," less than your true tax, they can raise their 78 tax rates without voter approval any time. Commissioner Amy Lathen said no vote is required to take as much of your money as they want! (See Print Media entry here.) Their initial tax is MORE than the entire city property tax bill for owners of average homes! That is equal to DOUBLING your city property tax

The list is as fraudulent as their main claim we need a $40 million rain tax increase. Note the ballot title also lists the average residential cost as $7.70 per month. You can see from their (incomplete) list of 78 different tax rates shown as a Document on the main menu that you will likely pay much more on your home and other property. False propaganda put right in the ballot title! Have you ever seen that before? They are desperate!

In fact, with 600,000 people in the tax area paying a total $40 million tax yearly (to start), the per person tax averages $67. Children don't pay direct property taxes, so a more accurate average is $265 for a family of four. Business taxes (church taxes, school taxes, non-profit taxes, military base taxes, etc.) are kept from this dishonest ballot title so you overlook that they will also be paid by you in the form of higher prices and rents or budget cuts. See the Fake Figures entry in the Analyses section.

If you don't want an average family of four to pay $265 yearly in higher taxes forever, vote NO.

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