Be honest

It is hard to believe that the Gazette Editorial Board resorted to the Hillary Clinton book of "what difference does it make" with their "who cares" line. WE CARE. The fee-based approach removes and limits DIRECT accountability to the voters. When the PPRDA IGA says that the Parties can amend the IGA on agreement of all the parties - including the fee structure, this is not DIRECT accountability. When there is a 60% chance that my county commissioner won't be "appointed" to the Board, this is not Direct accountability. When my city councilman has 55% chance of NOT being "appointed" to the board, this is not direct accountability. When these "appointees" to the board have MANY MANY other official duties in their portfolios, this is not DIRECT accountability. A properly implemented tax under the TABOR laws is the ONLY way that voters have DIRECT control over the funding mechanism into the future. THAT's WHY WE CARE. I proposed a six-tenths sales tax over the same municipalities that govern the PPRTA and that would raise sufficient funds to cover the new PPRDA activities. The TAX approach will require a public vote, the PPRDA IGA does not. The County can say "yes but we passed a resolution". These can be reversed with a simple 3-2 vote ANY time in the future. Don't say it can't happen. Remember the "limit term limits to 3 terms" language that they used to actually EXTEND term limits. Make this a TAX and I will support it. Otherwise, no on 1B.