Here they go again! City Hall imposed $45 million in illegal rain taxes, 2007-2009. Citizens petitioned to end it (issue 300). City Hall arrested petitioners (acquitted in a jury trial!) Voters strongly rejected the rain tax. City Hall never refunded its illegal $45 million. Multiple corrupt acts—stealing tens of millions, arresting a known tax fighter who opposed them, lying to voters, and now hoping voters will forget the facts.


This new rain tax is even worse. It is not based on storm water runoff from your home, so it is not a “fee.” It is the same $60 for those in a huge Broadmoor mansion with a tennis court, or a trailer with no driveway. Fat cat political donors pay no more than Grandma. That’s why they’re funding this campaign.


Big business won’t pay more for its paved acres. That 2009 nonsense of “impervious surface” was a fraud. This new developer subsidy says “undeveloped land” is tax-free.


City Hall says everyone will pay, but post offices will again refuse. Non-profits and churches will be taxed despite legal exemptions. Property taxes are based on property value, but this flat amount violates state law. A regressive tax hurts low-income people most. It violates state law by not being labeled a “tax.” It is not income tax deductible.


City Hall claims they can raise it later without another vote, and impose it even if we vote “No.” (Why are we voting if it’s not a tax?) It’s collected by Utilities, which has no
role in rain. If you don’t pay, do they take your home? Shut off your utilities?


City Hall says we must pay this tax because Denver does. Denver siphons off its tax for repairs unrelated to drainage; City Hall plans the same. City Hall voluntarily agreed to give Pueblo County $460 million in drainage work; now they want YOU to pay illegal debts made without voter approval.


City Hall also violated issue 300. City Hall raised illegal utility taxes to $31 million yearly; the Council publicly admitted issue 300 would end that embezzlement. Their $260 million road tax (on top of the $70 million RTA road tax)--”not enough.” Keeping TABOR tax refunds--”not enough.” Doubling cable TV taxes ended by the charter--”not enough.” We have the highest total sales tax of any big city in Colorado—“not enough.”


They say 2A for storm water repairs--another lie. City Hall admits 2A won’t add money for repairs; it will free up $17+ million yearly now spent on drainage and switch it to hire more city staff. That’s “bait and switch” politics. Who buys their radio and TV ads, and why? It smells so bad three of nine council members voted “NO” and one former member filed these comments.


Vote “NO” in NO-vember on issue 2A. Say “ENOUGH.”