The politicians want $15 MILLION more of your tax money. What’s worse, they want you to let them ignore the state constitution (which they swore to uphold) to get ANOTHER $15 MILLION each year FOREVER! That is illegal. The state constitution is not by local option. Local money grabbers cannot change state law, even with a local vote.


They promise to fix I-25 north into Douglas County; that is not their job! The fine print of their resolution (not shown on the ballot) says they can hold your money for 10 years, trying to locate enough money to do that job; if not, they will spend that $12 MILLION I-25 money on anything they want! The other 16% is pork to buy special interest votes. They promise one thing and put your money aside for something illegal and impossible. After we forget, they spend it elsewhere in 2027. How devious can they get? A new low.


They threaten only homeowners get tax refunds, but 1A also costs tenants and seniors their excess taxes. No law says the county can’t refund to all taxpayers. They do so cynically to hold down the “NO” vote and boost the “yes” vote with false promises. The 1A ballot title falsely says the revenue cap “continues” but they plan to change it!


They overtaxed us $14,918,040 (see their resolution), but ask “only” for $14,538,000 (98%), a $380,040 MISTAKE in counting their bloated revenue! They already received revenue increases for inflation and local growth; the $15 MILLION is “excess revenue” above the other increases. They think they are generous in letting us keep about 2% of the excess, when all 100% is OUR MONEY. Their arrogance is stunning.


Don’t be tricked by their mention of I-25. The amount they would put aside may be 2% of the real cost of ending the bottleneck. They can’t provide the other 98%. It is a state and federal job and the money must come from those governments. County politicians are playing on your road frustrations. They are worse than con artists at a cheap carnival.


They falsely say 1A is not a tax hike, but if 1A wins, we pay $15 million more in yearly taxes, not just for 2016, but FOREVER! There will be NO MORE COUNTY VOTING on revenue retention because they will say TABOR was repealed by this local vote. You can’t do this to your children and grandchildren. It’s bad enough politicians have put them into debt for over $20 TRILLION, but taking away our right to vote is un-American!


This fraud is much worse than their prior term limits trick. If 1A wins, you lose.


1A is the worst, most dangerous ballot issue. Don’t be fooled. Don’t reward their tricks. Save your children’s right to vote in a free society under the rule of law. Just say “NO.”