The ballot title says the existing RTA tax is 0.55%; it is 1.00%, 80% higher. Like El Paso County, RTA offers to “fix” I-25 north. Our $10 MILLION may be 2% of the total cost of this state and federal job. It is $10 MILLION “at any time;” does that mean every year? Does it mean $10 MILLION of the yearly budgets is not spent for many years to come, until the state and federal government finally start the widening of I-25? This is a shady justification for $10 MILLION of “maybe” spending; it depends on 98% or more of the money coming from state and federal governments. It seeks voter approval to break a prior promise to voters as to what roads would be fixed with your $70 million in taxes.


RTA said in 2004 it was a “temporary” $70 million yearly tax for specific, named local roads. Our $260 million city road tax for five years was more of the same. If RTA is running out of roads to fix, it should lower its tax rate 0.25% NOW to get our total sales tax rate down to 8% in Colorado Springs, which now has the highest total big city sales tax rate in Colorado—8.25%.


RTA’s existence betrays the American Revolution’s rallying cry, “No taxation without representation.” Currently we do not elect RTA directors directly, and cannot recall them. Make them run for elected seats with equal population. Demand they keep their original voter-approved promises on roads. Replace them if they do not. Do not tolerate their vague and dubious ballot issues.


Letting RTA water down and divert its prior promise made to voters is a form of “bait and switch” politics. We should not encourage such flim-flams.


Vote NO on issue 5B