CS Indy 11/1/17

Politicians want $15 MILLION more of your tax money. What’s worse, they want to ignore the state constitution (which they swore to uphold) to get ANOTHER $15 MILLION each year FOREVER! The state constitution is not by local option. Local money grabbers cannot change state law, even with a local vote.

They promise to fix I-25 north into Douglas County; that is not their job! They will hold your money for 10 years, hoping the project starts; if not, they will spend that $12 MILLION on anything they want!

The county already receives revenue increases for inflation and local growth; the $15 MILLION is “excess revenue” above other increases.

Don’t be fooled. The millions they would put aside may be 2% of the real cost of ending the I-25 bottleneck. They can’t provide the other 98%. It is a state and federal job. Only two of the 17 miles are even in El Paso County. Politicians exploit your road frustrations.

They say 1A is not a tax hike, but if 1A wins, they keep $15 million more in yearly taxes, not just for 2016, but FOREVER! There will be NO MORE COUNTY VOTING on that portion of revenue retention. Don’t do this to your fellow citizens. Taking away anyone’s right to vote is un-American!

1A is the worst ballot issue. Save your children’s right to vote under the rule of law. Just say “*NO*.”

Douglas Bruce
Colorado Springs