See the "diverse coalition" listed at the tax pushers' website. Apart from politicians (who want more taxes to spend on their campaign donors), nearly all supporters have a financial interest in getting some of the $40 million yearly tax. Look at all the contractors who want to be paid for the drainage work. Look at all the developers who want US to pay for the backlog THEY created. Look at the Gazette, which is in bed with the developers who advertise in that paper. Look at "RBC Dain Raucher," a bond dealer who wants this new layer of government to borrow money (bonds) against the $40 million yearly revenue, so they can get huge commissions (which fix no drainage projects).
Etc. etc. Are you getting the picture? To understand political graft,  "follow the money."



1B is supported by a diverse coalition of community members and organizations, including this partial list:

The Colorado Springs Gazette
Colorado Springs Forward
The Council of Neighbors and Organizations
Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance
Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association
Pikes Peak Association of Realtors
American Society of Civil Engineers
Association of Civil Engineering Companies
El Paso County Board of Commissioners
Colorado Springs City Council
Fountain City Council
Manitou Springs City Council
Green Mountain Falls Town Council
Classic Homes
La Plata Communities
Norwood Development Group
Association of General Contractors
Colorado Contractors Association
Ray Nunn, Nunn Construction
Schmidt Construction
Kr. Swerdferger Construction
C and C Sand and Gravel
Transit Mix
Frazee Construction
Rice and Rice
Tezak Heavy Equipment
Beers & Brock
Wilson and Company

RBC Dain Raucher

DA Davidson

Red Noland Auto Group

Mike Jorgensen

Penrose/Centura Health….Dave is it okay to put them…Dr. Margeret Sabin?

The Broadmoor

Greenway Fund

Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC)

Jerry and Dorothy Novak

Elaine Brush

Don Kidd, Excelis

Matt Coleman, HUB

Larry Barrett

Douglas Corely

Ralph Braden