Fwd: Our Commitment to Stormwater Management

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Subject:  Fwd: Our Commitment to Stormwater Management
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2014 11:38:42 -0700
From: Douglas Bruce <Taxcutter@msn.com>
To: mendo >> monica.mendoza@gazette.com <Monica.Mendoza@gazette.com>, zub >> Pam Zubeck <Zubeck@csindy.com>

1. Where did Utilities get its authority to commit to these projects?

2. Where did Utilities get its authority to change land development requirements? Why was this change not reported?

3.  Where did Utilities get its authority to donate to a political campaign task force that increased taxes for people, inside OR outside the City?

4.  How much has been spent by CSU (ultimately, ratepayers) on their political agenda, gifts to Pueblo, etc.?

5. IF the SDS agreement was only for FUTURE development AFTER SDS begins pumping, doesn't that prove Sal Pace has no case?

FYI, last time I checked the PR person for SDS was ex-Councilmember Margaret Radford, who got that job when she left the council
(after voting for SDS and not voting to put that $3.3 BILLION project, including interest, on the ballot). What a coincidence!

Last time I checked, Kevin Walker had been paid $36,000 from commingled public and private funds for his political efforts.
What will happen to their $41,000+ in leftover funds? Will it be rolled over to a different ballot issue without the written consent of the owners? I think
it must go to charity by state law.

I was told by Randy Licht, candidate to replace Paul Lundeen on the state Board of Education, that he got a ballot for issue 1B, though he does not live in the Fountain Creek Watershed and his election material said he was not eligible to vote on 1B. How many more illegal ballots were sent out? Is that not incompetent, if not illegal, activity by the clerk-recorder?