Government needs to tighten its belt

While I am not telling people how to vote in the upcoming election, I would encourage them to read the issues and think about what the "request" for increased taxes means to your household. I live in School District 11 area on the west side, and I am so sick of them asking for more money. The El Paso County notice on elections explains that 70 percent of our property taxes go to them and some students need remedial reading, writing and math when they go to college. What happened to all the pot money that was supposed to go for education?

Then we have our mayor trying to scare people into approving stormwater fees again because Pueblo is suing us, so we all should dig some more into what our families are trying to live on to get the city out of the hole. They say it's only $5 per property owner and $30 an acre to businesses, with the exception of Norwood (supposedly they have undeveloped property so they won't be charged). With all the new people moving here and building, where are their taxes and building fees and registration fees going? All of you who rent, don't think it doesn't affect you, it will in higher rent and higher groceries, etc. the cost inflicted on businesses will be passed on to us.

Who do we ask for an increase in retirement or salaries when our government is trying to pick our pockets? Time for them to tighten their belts instead of grabbing our money.

Marie Winters

Colorado Springs