Invest In Colorado Springs Website

On its home page, the Gazette is quoted as saying "Potential oods threaten property and lives..." So we will pay $60 yearly to fight those nasty "oods."

Fourplex owners will pay $240 yearly. Non-residential owners will pay $360 yearly, times their number of acres. Developers pay ZERO on their "undeveloped land" (as defined by whom?) So grandma pays $60 on her rusty trailer and millionaire-billionaire developers donating to Da Mare pay ZERO. Welcome to Suthersworld.

Property taxes are based on assessed value; that is state law. Where is the City's exemption from obeying that law? In 140 years of statehood, no one before Supergenius Suthers has ever charged a property "fee" for police, fire, roads, parks, etc. Amazing! Moses came down from Mount Sinai; Suthers came down from Pike's Peak.

The ballot title allows unlimited increases in the "fee" (tax). It can be increased for the April 2016 illegal debt (IGA) with Pueblo County for $460 MILLION. Why did the City deny us our right to vote on government debt? Why should we pay $17+ million yearly to benefit Pueblo County?

Only government says taking grandma's $60 yearly for 20 years ($1200.), with no return of the principal ever, much less interest, is an investment."

Proponents say 2A means "More police officers on the street." They then post the ballot title which says NOTHING about police.

2A also magically provides
"Improved roads and bridges"
"Improved parks and trails"
"Improved food, sex, TV, and pets"
(oh wait, that is not in there either)

But their pitch for money also promises "clean water" (see donor section).

They brag they will spend up to $500,000 for 2A, and the best they can do is a one-page website and no proofreader?

Reporters who refer to their website should, in fairness, also list our grassroots website, When you identify their fat cat donors, report our campaign is all volunteer--no outside donors and no campaign committee.

Check their address; is it tied to the real estate lobby that is skating on this tax they want us to pay?

P. S. Richard Skorman (Moses, Jr.) ignored my emailed invitation to a public debate to be sponsored by a local TV station. (Yet his advocacy is quoted on their public website.) I wonder why.

P. P. S. I have lived here over 31 years. Suthers and Skorman said drainage infrastructure was "crumbling" and "deteriorated." Who made that cynical decision to neglect their civic duty in the face of ever-rising revenue? City Hall. Now they want US to pay THEM for the problem THEY caused! Citizens need a complete "Overhaul at City Hall."