LTE on issue 1A


Your audacity is amazing. Sunday's editorial backing county issue 1A fails to mention  four commissioners want to rewrite our state constitution to take away our right to vote, forever! After 25 years of success, the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR) is now just a gnat to Big Government. Local politicians tell us it can be erased any time by one local issue. Not true.

How would you feel about a local vote to gut the First Amendment? "They can't do that!" you would sputter. Yet the principle is the same; the constitution is not by local option. That's true for the parts you like and the parts you dislike.

Face your deception. You talk about a $10 million "local match." The estimated cost of widening I-25 is over $500 million. Voters lose a $10 million tax refund (2% of one project) and put the money in a drawer until 2027, says the board. If the work is not done by then, county politicians get to spend it on anything they wish. Voters will forget the 2017 political promise. (Since when is 2% a funding "match?")

The I-25 bottleneck is 17 miles--only 2 miles in El Paso County. How can our county  spend our money in another county? I-25 is a federal and state project; we should not pay higher county taxes for it. This fact also compels defeat of RTA ballot issue 5A, based on the same dream scheme (or hypnosis) of our controlling federal budgets.

You call I-25 a "parking lot," then say "Lives are endangered..." Killer parking lots? That's a new low in voter intimidation. What's next? "It's for the children." Exploiting road rage to seduce voters into giving up their money and their rights is beneath you.

This ballot fraud does not even mention they will take an extra $15 million in taxes each year, forever! That theft of future excess revenue means you would be voting away the RIGHT TO VOTE of your children, grandchildren, and all future generations. You can't do that and call yourself an American.

You say it "would not raise taxes." Of course it does. If we vote "yes," county taxes are $15 million higher yearly, forever. If we vote "NO," they return the excess taxes to us. A "yes" vote means higher taxes. Period.

The $10 million is EXTRA to the millions in revenue growth from the TABOR formula. County revenue increased one-third in the past seven years. Their "budget" is $80 million more this year than in 2010. But politicians want it all. Read the facts in the mailed election notice, required thanks to TABOR.

The four incumbent hypocrites say they support TABOR and believe in tax limits, but it's a lie. We have our own "swamp" right here in El Paso County. It's time to drain it.

As a 31-year resident, former county commissioner, and the proud author of TABOR, I know the scams and swindles the county Board has practiced for decades. This is by far the worst. Voters, stop and think. Then defend democracy and everyone's future right to vote. Defend fiscal discipline. Vote "NO" on 1A.

Douglas Bruce

Colorado Springs CO