Monument Mayor Rafael Dominguez on Proposed Stormwater Authority

... The choice to pursue a fee versus a tax is simple. With a tax, the Authority would not be able to tax non-profits, including religious institutions and the myriad of other non-profits. With a fee, the Authority can collect from all that reside in the County.

The Town of Monument has elected not to participate in the proposed Authority for the following reasons.

-County residents should not be asked to pay for stormwater infrastructure needs within a municipality. This responsibility should reside within the municipality and its taxpaying residents.
-If the County has stormwater infrastructure needs in unincorporated areas of the County, then the County should determine the appropriate funding mechanism to address these issues.
-The Town of Monument developed/implemented a stormwater master plan a number of years ago. The first project has been completed and the planning for the second project on the list is in the works.
-We should not be in a position to vote on stormwater infrastructure needs and decisions in other municipalities. And the same applies to others voting on our Town’s needs.
-The Town of Monument has offered, despite choosing not to participate in the Authority, to collaborate with our regional partners on projects of mutual interest. This can be done without imposing a county-wide fee.

Lastly, it has been a failure in leadership that has caused this issue to grow to the magnitude that it has. There is now more personal attacks than alternative solutions being discussed. Taxing/imposing a fee does not always have to be the first option on the table. How about the leadership in each municipality stepping up and leading.

The Town of Monument stepped up in leading and addressing our issues, and we have not asked others throughout the County to help us fund our stormwater needs.

Rafael Dominguez
Town of Monument