Rebuttal to Gazette 10-23-14 editorial

....What has not been done is the backlog of work, estimated at more than $700 million, needed to bring our older stormwater infrastructure up to current standards.

Regarding the comment about the naysayers: the naysayers they refer to must include our “strong” Mayor Bach; the mayors and trustees in both Monument and Palmer Lake; Mr. Jack Flobeck, a recognized authority and frequent columnist in the Gazette on water issues, Mr. Andy McElhaney, a past elected member of leader in both the Colorado House and Senate, Mr. Jeff Crank, a local radio show host and past candidate for District 5 House of Representatives, and a long list of include myself. All of these individuals care deeply about our community, and incidentally, I am not aware of any of them being involved in any organized effort whatsoever to oppose ballot question 1B…including me. All of our objections to 1B come from a logical analysis of every facet of not only the ballot question, but the funding methodology and the IGA that has been formulated to govern this program. The issues we all have with 1B are not “nitpicking,” but of such significance that the consequences we have all identified will not only impact us today, but forever,or as the IGA refers to it: “in perpetuity”.

There are better alternatives to 1B!

Vince Rusinak
Colorado Springs