So many collectivist cliches expended, so much time wasted

Ms. Zubeck, I am surprised and disappointed to see your name on the byline for the Indy article today about possible failure of the local issues. So many collectivist cliches expended, so much time wasted, so little thought used. 

With $330+ million in revenue, "cash-strapped" D-11 can't fill a pothole (for $50) or fix an elevator? D-11 property taxes HAVE increased millions "since 2000" by growth and inflation. Your article applied to 3E the 2A scam of describing monthly, not yearly, cost to make it seem smaller. Whatever happened to "pennies a day?" You don't mention cost to non-residential property.

A "pay raise for teachers" is a pay cut for Grandma. Over half the employees in government schools are not teachers. Wanna bet they get a pay raise, too? Will a defeat cause D-11 to cancel its TV ads telling us how great they are?

Because drainage is "important," people must OK the bait-and-switch proposed by Suthers? He said his drainage tax would improve police response time (?) The city police and fire sales tax of 0.4% in 2001 promised faster response times, but they are still slower. Since 2A does not add ONE DOLLAR to drainage projects, how does its passage end the drainage lawsuit? The EPA is withdrawing its wide interference with local issues and may cancel its suit next year.

We are not voting on whether I-25 should be wider. The $22 million (5% of widening cost) kept from taxpayer refunds will not decide that.

You list the Friends of D-11 website, but not that of opponents. Is that fair? You gave D-11 opponents zero space, and the 2A tax pushers four times the space you gave Councilman Pico. Is that fair? You gave no space to opponents of 5B; is that fair?

"11% of teachers left" in 2016. Does $42 million more in taxes mean no teacher will retire, no one will age? Talk about job security!

You didn't ask Waller why the county must "cut spending" because they don't get to keep an EXCESS above their automatic millions in revenue GROWTH.

How can I-25 be a "parking lot" and have 940 crashes in two years? How does adding lanes end car crashes?

Who paid for Waller's junket to Washington D.C.? Could it be our destitute county?

You mention in passing the county wants to rewrite a constitutional limit by a local vote. That idea is absurd and illegal. County citizens would never vote again on the first $14 million in excess revenue; that doesn't bother you? The constitution is not by local option. How would you like putting the First Amendment up to a vote?

We have heard Government dicsuss "crumbling buildings" since 1988, when TABOR was first on the ballot. Talk about slow motion! Those threats are getting stale.

Letter grade: F. You and Mr. Stein can seek a grant for this PR gesture from the four big governments who benefited (?) from this pity piece. Like D-11, they don't mind spending tax dollars promoting tax increases.

Douglas Bruce

Colorado Springs CO