Spread the pain more evenly

I pray for rain regularly. It is a blessing from God. It is in all living things. "It's how we're connected." Many hands make light work, yet 1B will charge just the property owners to solve our drainage problems.

As I watch the rain drain from the street down my driveway and dissipate into my yard I wonder if I'll get credit for absorbing above and beyond everyone else.

The local landscape is a testament to our local history of rain & drainage. No surprise there. I see curbs, gutters and drains in place. Did I pay for those with my road taxes or my property taxes? I'll be getting a refund there because a new tax monster will take care of things now, right?

To call this tax a fee is disingenuous and a blatant end run around TABOR. Shame on you. What is the penalty for not paying a new fee? I would vote to pay my $100/year through sales taxes because it would spread the pain more evenly. I'm voting no on 1B until it's more fair.

Richard Sisco

Colorado Springs