Storm water rejection headlines

Fifty-four percent of El Paso residents voted against storm water fee (tax) proposal. That was the headline of Wednesday's paper. Yet, we hear that the proponents - Jan Martin, Carol Baler and Martin Shea, to mention a few - have vowed to continue the fight, even threaten to overturn the voters' "no mandate" and make this an issue in the 2015 mayor election. No doubt they will employ their try, try again approach - with or without community approval.

Look, the voters struck this proposal down by casting a "No" vote. What is it with these people? No means no. Enough of the sour grapes. The disinformation that the storm water proponents are complaining about was by their own making. They admitted that their campaigning was far more organized, funded by unknown interests. than that of the opposition, yet the proposal failed to carry majority approval of the residents.

Wake up Jan Martin, Carol Baler, Martin Shea and other proponents. There is a reason why the majority of residents voted against your proposal. It is not simply because an unorganized group of opponents decided one day to oppose your ideas. You all need to look at the facts and stop putting the blame on the mayor, Douglas Bruce, or the others. Fifty-four percent is a majority in anyone's books. You lost and that's it.

The storm water proposal was two years in the making, and it failed to garner majority support. It was examined and later opposed by the mayor's office as nothing more than a tax proposal which the mayor, his advisers, and now the majority of voters opposed. It was forced on the ballot by the City Council, written as smoke and mirrors, and failed in all attempts to make the issues simple and straightforward. It was viewed by many as an attempt to intimidate the public. There was nothing new nor creative about the two-year storm water proposal. It had already been tried and failed to fix the perceived storm water problems. Martin and her cronies don't get it and will never get it.

Let us not forget this proposal was tried before without the voters' voice and failed miserably. It created a bureaucracy without accountability and/or oversight by the same self-serving special interest groups. It was and continues to be taxation without representation.

Perhaps it is now time to consider recalling and replacing the council members who are so determined to support failed issues like this one. It is a waste of time, and money and threatens to undermine the very democratic process by which we, the silent majority, have exercised our right to vote. No more talk from the Storm water Commission, developing a workaround to the voting process or denying the simple majority the right to have our voices heard. Shame on you for even suggesting that our voices and vote should not be counted.

R.L. Miller
Colorado Springs