Stormwater raises dough

Invest COS, the "vote yes" committee for the city's stormwater measure (2A) on the Nov. 7 ballot, has raised $311,290 and spent $38,446 as of Sept. 28, campaign finance reports show. No other committees have filed reports for or against 2A. The measure's backers have said they want to raise $500,000 for the campaign....

The Invest COS shows developers and related trades and businesses are big contributors. The largest amounts came from Schmidt Construction and business activist group Colorado Springs Forward, each at $25,000. Giving $10,000 each were Issues Mobilization Committee of Englewood, Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, High Valley Land Co. Inc., and The Broadmoor resort.

--from the Colorado Springs Independent, October 4, 2017


Note that Suthers is already spending a $16.3 MILLION increase even if issue 2A loses. That is THREE TIMES last year's increase. If it passes, that will DOUBLE the city's increase. Note it is mostly for salaries. NOT ONE PENNY of issue 2A's $17 MILLION increase will go or storm water repairs. It is a bait-and-switch to free up money now being spent on drainage projects in order to have millions in pay raises.

His claim the City budget is $288 million is FALSE. It is over $500 million. He does not include hundreds of millions in revenue, much of it sales taxes that were supposed to solve our "problems" with police and fire, parks, roads, etc.

He calls building the bureaucracy "creating jobs." Sure, government jobs, that are a cost to all of us, working or not. A police desk operator gets a raise in his $114K salary, already $24K more than the Governor. The city attorney gets $192K and the chief of staff $190K. What do you get? A $60 yearly property tax increase.
Doesn't that make you want to call 550-0010 and commit four hours to flier distribution in front of a busy store exit door? We must alert your neighbors!

Vote NO.