Top 10 contributors to the stormwater initiative campaign

(Published: October 15, 2014 • <>)

Nearly $200,000 has rolled in for the effort to pass a stormwater initiative in four cities and most of El Paso County.

Citizens for Responsible Stormwater Action have raised $197,975 and $1,400 in non-monetary contributions, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Voters in Colorado Springs, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Fountain and most of El Paso County will be asked on the Nov. 4 ballot if they would create a regional stormwater authority called the Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority, to oversees the planning and execution of more than 100 stormwater projects across the region. The ballot question also asks if voters agree to a fee, attached to the annual property bill, based on the amount of impervious surface of their property. If approved by voters, 55 percent of the fee, which would be spent on capital projects, would sunset after 20 years. The remaining portion of the fee, which would be spent on maintenance, would continue on until the entities vote to retire it.

Top 10 contributors:

Norwood Limited, $25,000
Kathy Loo, $25,000
Colorado Springs Forward, $25,000
Issues Mobilization Committee, $15,000
GE Johnson, $10,000
Tezak Heavy Equipment, $10,000
Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, $10,000
Schmidt Construction, $10,900
MWH Americas, $10,000
Housing and Building Association, $10,000