Try a new approach to stormwater

The failure of the stormwater tax to pass shows that a new tax to fund this effort is unlikely to pass. That is despite a massive advertising campaign. The proponents are saying that they need to reach a new "consensus."

Perhaps it is better to try a new approach that involves no new tax. I had a discussion with an opponent of the stormwater tax and he suggested using a portion of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) revenue.

The PPRTA 2015 budget shows estimated revenue of $79 million. Consider having the voters approve a portion of that funding source for several years. As a starting point, evaluate 20-30 percent for five to 10 years.

This has the advantage of not requiring a new tax. Of course, that means some impact to roads, but what that impact is and whether it is acceptable can be discussed with the voters.

Ron Lee