Public Fraud

Look at the pro-tax website, You should read it; your taxes paid for it! The tax pushers' "Plan" states the following goals, all of which it FAILS to meet:

1. "A continuous and dedicated funding source"

Fake Figures

There are two ways to describe financial numbers and costs in this ballot issue--the honest way and the politician's way.

HONEST COST---$265 per year for an average family of four

Letter to Local Voters

Dear Voter,

They're at it again! Do you remember the “rain tax” Colorado Springs City Hall illegally imposed on our property from 2007-2009? It took $15 million per year from our family and business budgets. The politicians lied, said it was a “fee,” and we could not vote on it. They imposed that tax on our buildings, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.