Storm water rejection headlines

Fifty-four percent of El Paso residents voted against storm water fee (tax) proposal. That was the headline of Wednesday's paper.

Try a new approach to stormwater

The failure of the stormwater tax to pass shows that a new tax to fund this effort is unlikely to pass. That is despite a massive advertising campaign. The proponents are saying that they need to reach a new "consensus."

Spread the pain more evenly

I pray for rain regularly. It is a blessing from God. It is in all living things. "It's how we're connected." Many hands make light work, yet 1B will charge just the property owners to solve our drainage problems.

Stop lying

Sorry, Gazette, but the only difference between this effort and the last stormwater "fee" fiasco is that the politicians found a way to insulate themselves from the political fallout of lying to the people.

Be honest

It is hard to believe that the Gazette Editorial Board resorted to the Hillary Clinton book of "what difference does it make" with their "who cares" line. WE CARE. The fee-based approach removes and limits DIRECT accountability to the voters.

Rebuttal to Gazette 10-23-14 editorial

....What has not been done is the backlog of work, estimated at more than $700 million, needed to bring our older stormwater infrastructure up to current standards.

Bad financing

1B is a horrible approach to paying for city operations.

Proponents always point to the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority as the template for the stormwater enterprise. What is neglected is the difference in funding mechanisms.

Bypasses TABOR

I agree 100%. By calling it a fee instead of a tax they retain the ability to up the ante without a vote of the populace. In other words, it's a slimy way to bypass TABOR.

Charles Huxley

Wasted money

The Pro 1B forces are spending a fortune to push this fee-that's-really-a-tax, but based on the letters and comments in the Gazette and the opinions I hear from my neighbors, it appears their money is not going to be enough to overcome the truth.

Jack Edwards

The hard facts on issue 1B

Dear CSIndy,

Zubeck's article on 1B listed no websites for voters. Ours is NoRainTax.net. Readers will see many alternatives, none taxing churches, schools, non-profits, libraries, or homeowners.