Twelve false claims about 2A

Let me correct 12 false claims made by 2A promoters:

1) Yes, prior councils cynically ignored drainage projects. Why? To create a “crisis” to force a tax increase. They want another $17 million yearly to reward them for betraying us, but even this is NOT for drainage.

Questions before increasing allowance

When my children were growing up, they would sometimes ask for an increase in their allowance. I would usually ask them three questions:

1. What is the purpose or reason for the perceived need for an increase?

2. How long has it been since your last request for an increase?

Government needs to tighten its belt

While I am not telling people how to vote in the upcoming election, I would encourage them to read the issues and think about what the "request" for increased taxes means to your household. I live in School District 11 area on the west side, and I am so sick of them asking for more money.

So many collectivist cliches expended, so much time wasted

Ms. Zubeck, I am surprised and disappointed to see your name on the byline for the Indy article today about possible failure of the local issues. So many collectivist cliches expended, so much time wasted, so little thought used. 

You have my vote if you answer these stormwater questions

To City Council: We have received the slick ads in the mail promoting passage of the stormwater fee initiative. Three questions remain unanswered that will earn my vote.

2A Article

Dear Indy,

Thanks for finally printing both opposition websites to 2A in today's issue.

These aspects of 2A have not been covered or are unclear:

D11 Tax Increase

Jake • 9 hours ago

What is the difference between informational and promotional? No matter how D11 presents it, it is still asking for a tax increase.