Gutless politicians

I believe the entire task force was conceived by and is being promoted by gutless politicians who do not want to make difficult decisions and see this as a way to claim that "they" are not raising taxes.

Donn Cairns

Consolidation alternative

Thursday evening El Pomar hosted a forum on stormwater in which I participated as a panelist. One of the questions regarded the need for a regional entity (namely the PPRDA) to accomplish the list of capital projects that were included on ballot question 1B.

IB is poor science

I read the entire 21-page PPRDA report, breathlessly waiting for constructive
solutions or innovative possibilities, but found only shopworn committee phrases
and a complicated bureaucratic design to tax rain. Let us never forget the

Stormwater math, pound for pound

Put the numbers to the proposed stormwater rates and then vote NO!

Circling vultures

Dear Gazette,

Sunday's article mentions “visible support” for issue 1B, citing $200,000 in donations for ads. But $150,000 came from only 10 donors, mostly contractors drooling over this $40 million yearly tax hike. That “support” is only special interest vultures circling.

An alternative to 1B

Thursday evening El Pomar hosted a forum on stormwater in which I participated as a panelist. One of the questions was “what is the backup plan if 1B does not pass?” The proponents said that if the voters do not pass 1B, they have no back-up plan.

Devil in the details

The article (The Gazette-12 Oct 14) by Dave Munger of the Pikes Peak Stormwater Task Force would have us believe that we, the residential property owners are responsible for the "Stormwater Runoff" and thus responsible for any repairs or damages incurred downstream or elswhere.

Lower cost alternative

Do you believe that $40 million in 2015 will be worth $40 million in 2035 when the supposed sunset of only part of what is being collected occurs? Do you believe the ultimate cost of the fairytale project list is going to go down over 20 years?

A volunteer for the water board

Oh, oh, oh - can I be on the soon to be created "water fee" board? Can I? Can I? I want to be in on the unlimited (unless the 'authority' agrees to it) golden parachute that will be created by the new water tax! (oops, pardon me, 'fee').

Tidal wave?

Dear editor,

I didn't get the "Yes on 1-B" billboards. They have a golden semi-circle to the right of the message.
It looks like a sheaf of wheat. Is wheat a ballot issue?