Short and sweet

Vote NO. We need stormwater mitigation, but not through a dishonest bill such as 1B.

Charles Huxley

It's a sham

Jeff, you are 100% right. Even the 20-year sunset is a sham. The life of the commission can be extended beyond 20 years by a vote. Not a vote of the people, but a vote of the Commissioners.

Looming Disaster

Vote NO on 1B- Storm water- it grows government, creating another government agency- it's called a fee, circumventing Tabor, which means it can be raised at any time without voter approval.

Editorial Bias

There also is broad opposition to this bill. Seems like the headlines might be biased towards the way the editorial board feels.

David Haney

Voter options

What are the voters' options to rescind their vote if the entire of "recommended project list [actual ballot language]" is not accomplished or is supplanted by different projects?

Letter to the Politicians

Mr. Mayor, Council President King,  City Council Members, El Paso County Commissioners

About Big Slick Postcard

Dear editor,

I received a big, slick postcard promoting issue 1B. It did not help their case.

It said we should vote for a $40 million yearly tax because it would create 250 jobs. That average cost is $160,000 per job. Wow!

Regarding the storm water ballot question, this is my thinking.

Regarding the storm water ballot question, this is my thinking.  This problem didn’t begin with the 2012/2013 fires, though that certainly brought it out in the open.

Things they're not telling you

Dave Munger and Brian Risley did not tell the whole story in The Gazette opinion piece published Oct. 12.