Not impacted by stormwater

I am voting no on this because it's terribly unfair to retired and low-income citizens. The proposed $7.70 per month represents a 24 percent increase in my property taxes. I am on Social Security and do not live in an area that is in any way impacted by stormwater.

Stormwater proposal

The PPRDA ballot question 1B establishes a new government bureaucracy. It is written to sunset in 20 years, but the sunset can be postponed with a two-thirds majority vote of directors.

Phony Figures

Reporter Matt Steiner wrote today that "residential property owners will be subject to a FIXED fee that will cost each an additional $7.70 per month."  FALSE!

A sales tax instead (C/S Indy Sept. 10, 2014)

We are being told we need around $800 million to meet our stormwater infrastructure requirements. The Pikes Peak Stormwater Task Force, a group of like-minded citizens and consultants, has created a proposal to fund and manage this work.

It should concern every taxpayer (GT Sept 3)

Regarding the Aug. 25 Gazette headline "Stormwater heads to ballot."

Responses to Sept. 3, 2014 GT Article

"If voters OK a new fee structure to pay for stormwater projects during the next 20 years, then residential property owners will be subject to a fixed fee that will cost each an additional $7.70 per month." (Gazette)

Monument Mayor Rafael Dominguez on Proposed Stormwater Authority

... The choice to pursue a fee versus a tax is simple. With a tax, the Authority would not be able to tax non-profits, including religious institutions and the myriad of other non-profits.

A Repackaging of What We Had

What is the proposed stormwater program addressing: Flooding? Excessive erosion from uncontrolled runoff? Property loss? Failing drainage channels? .or all of the above?