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Comments on Gazette Article: Rejection of stormwater plan could mean lawsuit for Colorado Springs


Monica, this reply addresses your November 6, 2014 article about the demise of issue 1B.

Groups mum on 1B

The Colorado Springs Police Protective Association and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 5 have declined to endorse County Question 1B, the stormwater measure that would create a regional drainage authority and raise $39 million a year in fees paid by property owners. That bucks the trend of support from influential groups and individuals, such as the Regional Business Alliance and Colorado Springs Forward.

Mayor Steve Bach, however, opposes the measure.

Top 10 contributors to the stormwater initiative campaign

Most of the people promoting this $40 million tax hike (forever) will benefit financially, either from construction jobs or from protecting their current developer subsidy. We are being told to pay $265 yearly for an average family of four so that developers still won't have to pay the true cost of the drainage system needed for their new subdivision, mall, etc. Ask Grandma if that is fair.

Rain Tax Answers

The following are questions that have been asked by citizens and media regarding the Regional Drainage Authority. The answers come from Mayor Bach's office and are posted on the official City website.


See the "diverse coalition" listed at the tax pushers' website. Apart from politicians (who want more taxes to spend on their campaign donors), nearly all supporters have a financial interest in getting some of the $40 million yearly tax. Look at all the contractors who want to be paid for the drainage work. Look at all the developers who want US to pay for the backlog THEY created. Look at the Gazette, which is in bed with the developers who advertise in that paper.

Excerpts from..... Getting the storm water agreement right

Originally published: September 14, 2014

I recently attended Mayor Steve Bach's press update, which focused principally on our pressing storm water situation. Before that event, and based on the dysfunction at City Hall, I didn't have a very high opinion of our mayor..... But that recent press conference prompted me to read representative examples of his correspondence with the county commissioners and our council. Darned if I didn't find his arguments to be cogent, logical, and fiscally and constitutionally correct....

Lathen Lies

from the Gazette guest column by County Commissioner Amy Lathen, September 7, 2014

Amy Lathen is so vain and out of touch she has already announced she is running for Mayor of Colorado Springs. Her campaign slogan should be,
"Vote for Amy; she raised your taxes $40 million yearly forever."


Politicians Approve Slush Fund

Here is the proof we don't know what we will get with this $40 million yearly TAX. The listed projects are just teasers for this bait-and-switch scheme. They can be removed from the list after the election. That means no guarantee to taxpayers at all. The money can all be spent on projects unrelated to drainage, like welfare handouts, pay raises, and pensions.

from the 8/20/14 Gazette: