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Douglas Bruce announces "anti" campaigns on four ballot measures

At the news conference, Bruce also hammered the city for its stormwater measure, saying, "I have never seen such a dishonest ballot title as this one." He contends the city is playing a bait and switch game on voters by saying the $17 million to be raised through stormwater fees would fund drainage projects while plans call for using the money for police and fire.

One class of landowner would get special treatment under city’s stormwater fees

A closer look at the ordinance proves Murray is right. While two classes of people will pay flat fees regardless of impervious surface (the portion of property that can’t absorb rainwater, such as rooftops or parking lots), a third pool of property owners would be assessed by the city’s stormwater manager according to how much grassy area covers those properties, raising questions of equity, as well as whether treatment of the special class represents another give-away to the rich.

Stormwater “vote yes” group ready to campaign

Most of the money to be raised by Invest in COS, the “vote yes” committee, will come from business people and construction contractors, says Rachel Beck, government affairs manager with the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC. “