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Douglas Bruce calls stormwater ballot issue 'rain tax' revisited

The printed version of this TV interview had a mistake in calculation. There are about 600,000 PEOPLE (not property owners) in the district.  Divide that into $40 million, and the per person cost is $67. Since children don't pay taxes directly, consider an average family of four, with a cost four times that of an individual. That is four times $67 per person, or $268, which we round down to $265. That's a far cry from their phony $7.70 per month per homeowner, isn't it?


Comments from Channel 5 TV interview

Warfare erupts over stormwater

The mayor says the initiative that will show up on the November ballot is not in the best interest of citizens of El Paso County. He is calling the proposed regional stormwater authority a tax, rather than a fee, and feels citizens are not well informed on what they will be getting themselves into.

"I cannot support this, and I won't support this," said Mayor Bach.

Mayor Steve Bach On KRDO Morning News

August 20, 2014 interview of Mayor Steve Bach on KRDO morning news.

Discussion of Rain Tax is at 2:40 to 7:40, although he makes an earlier criticism about the rain tax applying to military bases.

Mayor Bach's August 28 interview on KVOR

Listen to Mayor Steve Bach's August 28 radio interview with Richard Randall on KVOR here.

The KVOR storm water segment end time is 30:00.